Ladies Only Thai Boxing

Our specially designed Ladies only classes are an ideal place to start your Thai Boxing training. Don't worry if your not fit, the drills are designed to gradually increase your fitness and flexibility. If you have any experience in dance or another martial art you will be able to transfer these skills into the Thai Boxing training. Experienced ladies will be training alongside you in the class and will offer their continued support throughout.

The Ladies only Thai Boxing is run in an informal and friendly atmosphere, allowing you to learn and become fitter in a totally relaxed way. You may turn up with a friend to train, but don't worry about turning up on your own, as we'll take good care of you.

Any contact during training is totally optional but should you wish to take your training to another level in the future, we'll be there to guide you.

Benefits expressed by our clients include;
* Improved fitness
* Body toning
* Flexibility
* Self confidence